our history


The history of our Brand was born in 2009 from the search for unique materials that had their own identity, during the research we fell in love with the decommissioned tarps of Indian military trucks, after months of research and tests we gave life to our B.WANT.B line. with research and Italian style.

From the beginning, the pleasure of being able to give new life to this very particular material by combining it with vegetable-tanned leathers and leathers, with a sustainable production and totally artisanal recovery, has given us great stimulus for development in each chosen material.

Over the years the choice of making the production Made in Italy, with craftsmanship from the packaging to the treatments of the individual garments in our laboratories, the collections are expanding by adding new lines and Limited Edition, with collaborations and

It all starts with one of the many trips to India. This departure was
dictated by the irrepressible need to discover new materials, the
expectations were not disappointed and research unearthed a
new material with great potential: Military truck tarpaulins
abandoned Indians. Valentino, founding partner of the company, is one
fell in love immediately and from there the creation of the new started
brand name.


Backpacks, bags, Made in Italy accessories excellence of Italian craftsmanship, the products B.WANT.B they respect the planet thanks to the curiosity and sensitivity of the designer Valentino who has always looked for innovative fabrics using sustainable materials when the sustainability it was not yet considered a priority.

In 2009, during one of his usual trips to India, Valentino,
engaged with his Tuscan company (Pietrasanta LU) in the production for important international brands, he discovers tarpaulins of disused military trucks and falls in love with them.

He immediately sensed its great potential, so much so that he created the new brand: this is how it was born B.WANT.B.

A new path begins that will lead him to become a precursor in the defense of the environment. Valentino added to the decommissioned tarps
vegetable tanned leather with tannin, by far the most method
eco-sustainable because the products, once worn, can be disposed of easily and transformed into fertilizer for agriculture. 

Each bag tells its story, its experience, every imperfection on the fabric tells a uniqueness not a defect, the imperfections on the leather are the sign of a natural product and not a defect.

One-of-a-kind pieces, keeping as a peculiarity only the “cut” of the models, but every small and unique detail makes it a truly unique piece.